1100 M2 Kutuh Uluwatu, Kuta Selatan for Sale ( Free Hold)

Rp250.000.000 Per Are / Freehold

  Land   kuta selatan   Freehold   1100 m2   Street View

500 M2 Land Kutuh Uluwatu for Sale in Bali ( Free Hold)

Rp250.000.000 Per Are / Freehold

  Land   Kutuh   Freehold   500 M2   Ocean View

1400 M2 Land leasehold at Kerobokan, Kuta Utara

Rp12.000.000 Per Are / Year / Leasehold

  Land   kerobokan   Leasehold   1400 m2   Rice Terrace View

3000 M2 Lease Hold Land Unggasan Kuta Utara ( Freehold Option Available)

Rp18.000.000 Per Are / Year / Leasehold

  Land   Kutuh   Leasehold   3000m2   Ocean View

5000 M2 Land for Lease at Unggasan Kuta Selatan ( Free Hold Option Available )

Rp18.000.000 Per Are / Year / Leasehold

  Land   Unggasan   Leasehold   5000 M2   Ocean View

3000 M2 Land for Lease at Pecatu Kuta Selatan

Rp12.000.000 Per Are / Year / Leasehold

  Land   Pecatu   Leasehold   3000 M2   Ocean View

9000 M2 Land Freehold Located at Pecatu Kuta Selatan ( Lease Option Available )

Rp450.000.000 Per Are / Freehold

  Land   Pecatu   Freehold   9000 M2   Ocean View

#SOLD – 800 M2 lease Hold Land at Prime Area Padonan Kuta Utara

Rp15.000.000 Per Are / Year / Leasehold

  Land   Padonan   Leasehold   800 M2   Rice Terrace View

#SOLD – 862 M2 Land for Lease Located at Seseh Mengwi

Rp20.000.000 Per Are / Year / Leasehold

  Land   Mengwi   Leasehold   862 M2   River view

#SOLD 5000 M2 Land Tirta Tawar Ubud Freehold

Rp500.000.000 Per Are / Freehold

  Land   Ubud   Freehold   5000 m2   Rice Terrace View

Land for sale nearby Bali, Indonesia

Land for Sale in Bali, Indonesia - FAQ

Bali’s unparalleled natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant lifestyle make it a sought-after destination for land investments. The island offers a unique blend of tropical landscapes, exquisite beaches, and a thriving tourism industry.
Bali offers a diverse range of land options, including beachfront properties, cliff-top estates, rice field views, and jungle retreats. Buyers can choose from various landscapes to suit their preferences.
Yes, there are certain restrictions for foreign investors when it comes to land ownership in Bali. However, legal structures such as long-term leases and working with local partners can be used to facilitate foreign ownership.
The process involves thorough research, engaging with reputable real estate agents, and legal consultations. Buyers typically need to secure the services of a notary and navigate local regulations to ensure a smooth acquisition process.
Bali’s booming tourism industry and increasing demand for accommodations contribute to the potential for attractive returns on investment. However, market conditions and proper management play crucial roles in determining returns.
Generally, yes. However, it’s important to work with architects and contractors familiar with local building regulations. Permits and approvals must be obtained from local authorities to ensure compliance with zoning and construction standards.
Bali’s real estate market has shown resilience and growth over the years. Market trends can vary, so it’s advisable to stay updated on economic factors, tourism patterns, and government policies that may impact the real estate sector.


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